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My name is Kishor and I am a computer engineer. Currently, I work at Atidia as a full stack software developer. I did my Bachelors in Computer engineering from Tribhuvan University. My professional experience began as an associate software developer in Leapfrog Technology with focus on web development and machine learning. During my time at the company, I learned a lot from agile practices, client meetings, workshops and better software development practices. Apart from tech, I am into sports, travelling and investing.

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Featured Projects


Maley is an android app that identifies the food from images and estimates the nutrient contents from it to track user’s eating habit.

JavaAndroidMachine learning


MARIE.js is a simple, yet intuitive MARIE simulator built in JavaScript memo and is used for teaching computing architecture and assembly language.



An application for managers that helps to generate interactions between the manager and the nurses to reduce nurse burnout issue in the US.

Data analysisMachine learning
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My research

Hello everyone! I am going to write my first research paper and I am really excited about it. It is going to be a review type paper

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